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In homage to the Post-dramatic theater of Hans-Thies Lehmann (2019)

It’s a great joy to be here. Thank you for the kindness of Hans-Thies Lehmann and Akademie der Künste. My speech will be, in part, about the Brazilian reception of the Post-Dramatic Theater, and in part, about my personal relationship with the book. This may be of interest because I was responsible for writing the […]

Interview with Sérgio de Carvalho (2010)

Marcos Steuernagel – I’m here with Sérgio de Carvalho, director of the Companhia do Latão. We are in São Paulo, today is November 10, 2010, to discuss the work of Companhia do Latão and theatre and politics in Brazil. Could you start by describing what the Companhia do Latão is?  Sérgio de Carvalho – The Companhia do […]

Notes on Boal’s the Dialectical Practice (2010)

Augusto Boal changed the condition of theatre. He did so through a unique theoretical reflection, which enabled him to initiate a popular trans-aesthetic theatre practice. The paradox is that his project includes, simultaneously, a denial of art and the creation of an independent aesthetic which sought to achieve an egalitarian artistic praxis. Therefore, within every […]

Die Zukunft der Nachgeborenen

(Von der Notwendigkeit, über die Gegenwart hinauszudenken. Herausgegeben von Therese Hörnigk und Sebastian Kleinschmidt.) “Ein Experiment mit dialektischem Theater in Brasilien von Sergio de Carvalho” https://www.theaterderzeit.de/buch/die_zukunft_der_nachgeborenen/ Paperback mit 208 Seiten, Format: 140 x 240 mmISBN 978-3-934344-51-8 SÉRGIO DE CARVALHO. Studium für Kommunikation und Journalismus an der Universität von São Paulo und Abschluss mit einer Arbeit […]